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I’m Chad! I’m trying to think of something catchy and cool to put here so that you will be interested in the projects we are working on, but I think I’ll just be myself. After-all this is my ‘about me’ section…

I work a part time job that flies me hundreds of thousands of miles to the coolest locations in the world allowing me to stay in the nicest resorts and work with the most creative people. Oh, and did I mention I get paid to do all of that?! “I thought you were going to by yourself and not try to impress us” you may be thinking… Well you’re right. You see there is a catch to what I do… It does not fulfill me.

What really chaps my… WHAT REALLY grinds my… WHAT REALLY MAKES MY HEART BEAT is helping people. I could not make a single dollar for the rest of my life if I knew how to make a living helping people. With that said, I realize that not everyone is like me, and that is honestly probably great because I’m a bit of a crazy person (haha), but it made me wonder… If we all have different passions and goals in life, how can we still unite to make the world a better place without losing the things we dream about accomplishing? Well that is where this website and what I hope will be a movement comes into play. I’m going to tackle this conundrum (is that even a word?) by going out and showing how you don’t have to be a billionaire philanthropist, or start a non profit in order to do good. I will show you how you can incorporate small changes into every day life that will create massive change!

Anywho, I know we didn’t talk much about me here, but if you check out my blogs, you will get to know more of my heart! I look forward to doing life with you!