An inside look at the 5 star Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York

Luxury was an understatement. One of my favorite parts of what I do for work is experiencing things that I would otherwise not have a chance to. I got to experience what it is like to stay at the Taj Hotel right off Central Park in Manhattan! These rooms go from anywhere between $800/night and $18,000/night. Yikes haha that’s a lot of fried chicken if you know what I mean. Any who, I will say two things about this. 1. It was awesome! If you ever get a chance to experience the pinnacle of luxury and it’s on your bucket list then got for it! 2. I would have been just as happy at the Tuscany on 39th and Lexington. Something I think is very important for us as hard working humans, you’re hardworking right???, is to pick our number. At what point is what we have an excess versus a necessity. I cannot make that decision or pick that number for you, but what has helped me is trying different levels of “luxury” or just niceness and also finding out how much money my wife and I will NEED to provide the life we want for family and then what is left over is about being generous! For example: we can get a night at the Tuscany near grand central for a few hundred a night… Instead of spending the $1400 a night at the Taj, we spend $200 and are charitable with what’s left. Hope this helps you explore what your bottom lines are regarding finances and what level of “niceness” you need in life!

Chad Masters