Are white pants okay?

I don’t know if this was after labor-day but I do know that I was working those white pants. Oh hey! I didn’t see you there. If you’re reading this then you are probably in the same boat as 99% of men out there… wondering: “Are white pants too much?” “Is this the time of year I can rock these bad boys?” And finally, “is it that time of the month that would prevent me from wearing white? aka grill week. Ketchup stains are the worst. Anywho, well you are in good company and let me be the first to encourage you to go for it… There are ways and times that make wearing white totally normal Like weddings for example. If you’re a bride I encourage you to wear white! If you’re not the bride then don’t do it! On a serious note, summertime is upon us and now is the best time to start trying white pants/shorts. Start by contrasting the white pants with darker color shirts to keep you in your safespace and work in a variety of footwear… For relaxing days try a nice pair of toms, it keeps the stylish yet casual affair in line. If you are extra skeptical about this, try wearing khacki’s for a bit and then try some off white shines you can get at jcrew!

Chad Masters