So I accidentally went into a Burlesque bar

“i’m totally okay with it!” I remember saying to my agency when asked if I am okay shooting with Burlesque dancers. I may or may not have had any idea what burlesque is, but boy did we have a good time! haha jk. Not gonna lie, I felt so awkward on this shoot… At no fault of the dancers, they were totally professional and kind and everything else wonderful but your boy had to shed that awkwardness and make sure the pictures look great! This is a great seg-way to talk about how things are not always what they seem. Don’t believe the hype. I’m not talking about me in regards to how I “faked” it to get great pictures… I’m talking about the dancers… They were extraordinary… Total professionals. It was a business transaction for them and while their purpose is to sell “fun” and “letting loose” etc… They were nothing but business! So next time you mistakenly wander into a burlesque bar and feel those thrills and highs brought upon by an exciting environment, I hope you remember that to most people in that setting, it’s just transactional and a means to an end. They are fabricating an environment for you to feel some kind of “escape” (if that is what you are there for) and that brings us to two questions.

1. What am I running from?

2. What am I running towards?

Chad Masters